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2014 Year in Review - Spirited Birth

What a year! 

How fortunate am I to have witnessed so many beautiful & unique births this last year!

In 2013, I only attended 22 births as I limited my client load to spend time with our youngest babe. It is crazy to see that number double in a year! Thankfully, my husband is a supportive rock and snaps into action for the family when I am called away.

In March of 2015 I will have been in birth work 6 years and it will be 4 years since I quit my day job on a prayer that I would be successful in my heart's work. This year also marks 3.5 years working with Community Midwifery Services. I am so fortunate.

Placenta News

In 2014, 2 new placenta providers joined the Spirited Birth placenta team (read their bios here) and the placenta practice grew, knocking out a massive 283 sets of "happy pills"! Many repeat clients even called us to book their second and third sets of "happy pills" as well.

This year we started offering umbilical cord keepsake dreamcatchers, made by our talented placenta team member Jes, as pictured above. They are handmade with love. They cost $50 and are made custom with whatever colors a client prefers. Email us at Taryn@SpiritedDoula.com for more information!

In July I co-founded The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts which is a comprehensive training organization for placenta encapsulation. This move was several years in the making. Anyone can read an online tutorial about how to make a placenta smoothie or dry out placenta strips in an oven (yikes!). As this service grows how we meet the demand matters! At APPA, we care about maintaing standards that promote the best protocols and sanitation practices for placenta encapsulation training so that our placenta encapsulation specialists can serve clients in the safest way possible. We already have over 70 students (some international!) and include a board of 8 other placenta pioneers in the industry from around the US and Canada. 

New Intentions

As we enter 2015, I've set many new intentions for Spirited Birth Services.

Some of these intentions feel huge and challenging. For this, I will surely be calling on the support and love from those around me this year. I am going back to school for a degree in Midwifery. Due to large study and clinical requirements I will be limiting my private birth client load to a smaller number of clients, with a focus on home-birth or repeat clients. We will continue to take placenta encapsulations as they book!

I will be transitioning to a new website in 2015 as well. The current site will stay live while we continue to build the new site. The new site includes better mobile viewing, HTML features and a shopping cart feature for clients to make payments online. 

The new site can be viewed at www.SpiritedBirth.com

I look forward to these new intentions with courage and a desire for more confidence, humility, personal growth and continued learning from the amazing teachers and midwives that I get to work with. 

I hope that the new year brings forth many blessings and dreams made true. 

With love and light,


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