2012 Birth Statistics

In the spirit of full transparency, and in taking ownership of our maternity care when we ask our care providers to provide their birth statistics/outcomes I have listed my statistics for the births I was privileged to attend in 2012. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

2012 Birth Statistics

47 births attended
20 births were planned homebirths, 1 was not. ;-)
39 vaginal births, including a set of twins!
82.9% vaginal delivery rate
3 planned c-sections and 5 un-planned/necessary c-sections
10.6% unplanned c-section rate
3 inductions - medically necessary
6.3% induction rate
5 medicated vaginal births
87.1% of vaginal births were without pain medicine
1 episiotomy
2.1% episiotomy rate
2 successful VBAC births (vaginal birth after c-section)
3 repeat clients

I hope 2013 is even more successful, and as my calender is already filling up with several repeat clients and new clients alike, I have no doubt it will be a beautiful year for birth!

Happy New Year!

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