We are expecting a Winter baby! 

Naturally, this means I will be taking some time off early 2013 to enjoy our "babymoon". I plan to work throughout the pregnancy as I have private doula clients scheduled through the end of my second trimester. I intend to continue to to take encapsulation clients and assist with our midwives well into my third trimester (or until I have a baby)! I also have a network of encapsulation providers and doulas that I have personally worked with and trust to refer any clients to in the event that I am unavailable for anyone, so please don't hesitate to contact me for a referral! 

On a personal note, this week I found the baby's heartbeat (155-160bpm) with a fetoscope at "some-teen" weeks pregnant (read about why I won't be sharing my "due date" here.) John and Jude both got to listen and while Jude wasn't all that interested, John & I were over the moon to hear those sweet rhythmic beats!

Jude playing "Mr. Midwife"

In Love & Light, 
Taryn Goodwin, CD(DONA)

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