To celebrate the 50th Placenta Encapsulation I've done I will be giving away a FREE placenta encapsulation to a lucky Oklahoma mama for postpartum wellness!

Maybe your thinking "You want to do what with my placenta!?!?"
Read more about the benefits of encapsulation for postpartum wellness on my site.


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Winner will be chosen randomly on Friday April 1st. Good luck!


  1. Hey Taryn! I have been following you and Spirited Doula Services since before I was even expecting my second baby, he is due September 12, 2011. I was disappointed after not being able to have a natural birth with my daughter who was born in November 2008 via cesarean section. Several factors involving my health led me to this outcome. So before this pregnancy I was looking for ways to have some kind of control and even happiness in a situation that I knew would be otherwise unpredictable and scary. And thats when I found you! I have found ways to be more confident in myself as a woman, a patient and a mother without being judged or belittled. A friend of mine (and Doula in training) has graciously offered to find a Doula to work with me even through my conditions. I am excited to still be able to experince the services of a Doula even though completely natural isn't in my cards. Its a true testament of the love that a Doula has for women and their birthing experiences, no matter how unique. I know a lot of women in my situation would put everything in their doctor's hands, and while I trust my doctor and love the care I recieve, I put my opinions and knowledge first. Thanks to women like you and the service you provide women like me can be strong and confident about birth. At the end of the day I want to be a loving mother and raise happy, healthy children. And I know having my very own "Happy Pills" will give me a good start! Thanks for doing a giveaway like this! Good luck to all who enter, what an amazing gift!

  2. How can I follow the first comment? Wow. I'm a momma of three little boys and, in the fall, we will be welcoming our fourth (and likely last) child into our family. We are beyond excited to be blessed with the chance to experience another beautiful homebirth and the boys are happy that they will be nearby as baby joins our family. I have been cautiously interested in the benefits of placental encapsulation after several of my lactation clients reported good results with it. I had a difficult transition after the birth of my second son, so with my third, we worked really hard to make sure that I had all of the physical, nutritional, and emotional support I might need. It worked, and things went quite smoothly, but now we are in a new town and my husband has a new job. The 'system' we used last time will have to be changed and I am hoping placenta encapsulation may help ease the transition to life as a family of 6.

  3. After seven months of trying to get pregnant and 4 miscarriages we finally conceived my daughter and she stuck. I was extremely niave when it came to pregnancy and birth though. My Dr although a good person intervened many times in my pregnancy and unfortunately ended up with an unnecesary cesarean section at 33 weeks. When my daughter was born she was placed in the nicu for 2 weeks and I felt extremely guilty for allowing them to give me a medication that made a c-section necessary. After some emotional healing we decided we wanted another baby but this time things had to be different. As a family we started eating organic and unprocessed foods only as well as working out. I researched everything that happened with my daughter as well as ways to have a less invasive pregnancy and birth. Along the way I discovered placenta encapsulation and immediately became intrigued. After much more research and talkin with my husband we knew this was part of the journey we didn't want to leave out. About 4 months later we conceived and have had no issues at all. We are now 3 months pregnant expecting October 3, 2011 and have followed our plans so far we have a wonderful midwife are planning a homebirth and this would make the perfect addition to our journey so far. Thanks so much for giving this wonderful opportunity away! :)

  4. Hello Taryn! I just saw this great give away, what an amazing offer!!
    After being diagnosed with endometriosis over a year ago, two surgeries, told I may not be able to have children and suffering from daily pain, at what felt like my last hope I turned to holistic medicine. After only a month of cleaning out my body, not only was I virtually pain free for the first time, I was elated when I found out my husband and I were expecting! From then on, it has been my passion to think outside the box, go against the grain when it comes to health and my body. After dealing with anxiety and depression throughout periods in my life I'm so glad we've chosen to do the encapsulation to prevent any of those feelings and unnecessary emotions to creep up in what should be a beautiful time between our first child. Thank you for being passionate about bringing this to light for the well being of women. I'm excited to know about it, use it and to help spread the word to others. Thank you so much!! And YAY for all the ladies!!

    Lauren Charney

  5. Hello Taryn :) I just saw your giveaway! I would love to have a Doula my second time around, however its not in the plan for me. I have been saving up for placenta encapsulation because it is something that I hear so much about on Facebook! I was very tired after my sons birth and having a toddler wont have "time" for 3 weeks of being tired! I need all the natural energy I need! I also want to have another successful breastfeeding story! I am hoping the "happy pills" will bring both of those results and more :)Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and Good luck to everyone!

  6. I would LOVE to be able to encapsulate my placenta! What a great gift to give! The benefits are numerous and amazing. The placenta is an absolutely amazing organ. After learning about placenta encapsulation from you, I KNOW my postpartum recovery with my first child would have been smoother had I had these resources available to me. I think making placenta encapsulation more "normal" and less weird is the key to allowing everyone this wonderful opportunity!

  7. Hi Taryn!

    I love all your posts and would never have heard of placenta encapsulation if not for you! As the birth of my second child approaches I find myself reflecting more on the post-partum period with my son and am saddened by how many of of my memories of that time are dark. I was so overwhelmed and felt so alone. By the time I felt like I was getting my feet back on the ground I had to go back to work =( I really feel cheated of the lovely post-birth time to enjoy my brand-new baby. I think placenta encapsulation could really help with a lot of the feelings I experienced last time that I wish to avoid this time. Thanks!

  8. Jennifer Vaughn recommended you guys. She's told on her facebook page all about the advantages of this service and product. I'm having another baby in Nov, (my first will be 1 in May, and still breastfeeding, thanks to Jennifer's help a few mo's back) and I think this would help me a lot. I suffer from depression anyways and get the "baby blues" from time to time still. Plus, all the other benefits of this would be fantastic. I've already "like"d you guys on facebook, and will def share this blog. The more ppl know about this, the better. I hadnt even heard of this before a few mo's ago. So great.

  9. Well, I don't Twitter, but I've been following you on FB for months...

    I had a heck of a time with PPD with my first baby... So when I heard placenta encapsulation can help regulate the hormones and prevent PPD naturally, I was SOLD! The biggest reason I need the encapsulation right now though, is my little surprise bundle was born YESTERDAY! HE (all the ultrasounds were WRONG lol) wasn't due for another 3 weeks, so I didn't have time to get the supplies and do the research on how to do it for myself... And I have a placenta sitting in my refrigerator grossing my husband out ;D

  10. Hello Taryn. My name is Lindsay and my husband and I are pregnant with our first child. We are both very excited about having our little one in the next couple of weeks. I have wanted to have a natural home waterbirth. I used to live in Europe and had a few friends have home births. When we got pregnant, I couldn't think of a better way to bring our child into this world. We have had some ups and downs while being pregnant. One of them being currently on bedrest for hypertenstion. I have worked hard on following my midwives' instructions on keeping my blood pressure down and we are hopeful to still be able to have a home birth. I am really scared about having a hospital birth. I have a total fear of the hospital, but I am working on overcoming that fear for the sake of having a healthy baby, no matter where he is born. My midwives from CMS have spoken very highly of you and of your work. The have recommended that I consider taking my placenta through your encapsulation process. I have fought with depression since I was a child and was doing very well prior to becoming pregnant. Since becoming pregnant my hormones have knocked me around. I have done really well trying to stay level headed, but there have been some dark days. I am nervous about postpartum depression and I feel that by taking my placenta it will be life changing for my little one and myself. I look forward to being and staying healthy.

  11. Thanks to the 9 people who entered the giveaway! I randomly picked a number out of a bag and the winner is........

    (drum-roll please)

    Commenter #3 - Nikki Prevendar!

    Congratulations on your free encapsulation!
    Please e-mail me your contact information: Taryn@SpiritedDoula.com

    If you didn't win tonight please contact me and we will find a way to book your encapsulation for postpartum wellness! You only get one placenta! We'll make use of this precious gift so you can fully enjoy your babymoon! ♥


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