National Birth Stats Compared To My Stats

I have gathered the national statistics on common interventions in childbirth and then compared them to the statistics of the interventions that my clients receive.

I believe that unnecessary routine medical interventions in pregnancy and birth can put babies and mothers at risk.

It is pretty powerful to note the difference that a doula makes!

Cesarean Surgey
30.2% National rate
13% My rate

VBAC Success
50-70% National rate
100% My rate

41% National rate
38% My rate (Not a big difference, but I'm hoping this rate will continue to drop!)

76% National rate
38% My rate

25% National rate
13% My rate

***National figures are from The Childbirth Connections' Listening to Mothers Survey II conducted in collaboration with the Harris Group and the Center for Disease Controls 2005 preliminary data.

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