Happy Birth Day Viktor!

Birth Notes from the Doula’s Perspective
The official birth story belongs to the couple.

It was March 7th, 2010 and you called at around midnight to tell me that your water had broken. You were exactly 39 weeks pregnant. You decide to try and rest awhile before going into the hospital because your contractions were mild and irregular. At about 4:00am you decide to go into the hospital to get antibiotics started because of your Group B Strep status. You were 1cm dilated. At 7:30 you are admitted to the Labor & Delivery floor where you try to encourage labor to pick up on its own. Around 11:00pm you decide to have some Pitocin to help things along. You are 2-3cm at this point and 60% effaced.

I arrive to meet you at the hospital at 11:15am and greet you with a foot massage while Dad pumped up the birth ball. We plug your iPod in and play the playlists you’ve created for this special day. I set up my flameless candle and we dim the lights to let you rest while in early labor.

You were encouraged to stay in the bed my the midwife until baby’s head was engaged and applied to the cervix so we alternated positions in the bed from side-laying, semi-sitting, and hands and knees leaning over the bed. At about 2:40pm you decide you’d like to try and nap so Dad goes to the cafeteria to get some lunch, As contractions pick up you awake and get back into a hands and knees position on the bed where you mention that contractions seem to feel most effective. Dad gives you a back massage while I apply counter pressure during contractions.

At 5:30 spirits are high as you are singing songs to your Pink Martini album. At 6:45 you slow dance with Dad, rocking through contractions. At 7:00pm you are 4cm and 100% effaced, you seem discouraged at first but I remind you how perfect you are doing…

“Your body is making perfect progress, in its own perfect timing.”

We also acknowledge that your cervix is fully effaced now which makes dilation easier!

"You are so close to meeting your little boy.”

You embrace your labor’s timing and ask to get in the tub. Dad uses the shower head to spray warm water on your belly…

As things pick up you decide you’d like to move back to the bed and lay on your side where Dad stays by you every step of the way and reminds you how great you are doing. You breathe deeply through your contractions, closing your eyes to focus while I stroke your hair and remind you to “Stay loose and limp".

At 9:15pm you are 6cm, and by 10:36pm you are 7cm. You mention back pain so we try alternating between the hands and knees position and standing lunges to open the pelvis. You ask to be taken off the Pitocin and they wean you off of it gradually. You start to feel much better during contractions and you don’t ask for any pain medicine like you thought you might. You stay loose through the contractions by vocalizing softly during them. You start to get nauseous and shaky, I know this means you are near transition and you are getting closer!

At 1:30am you are fully dilated. The midwife arrives to the room shortly after and you start pushing with contractions. Your pushing phase was demanding… but you conquered it like a Goddess. Dad appropriately called you a “labor ninja”. During this phase, I prayed that the strength of a thousand birthing goddesses be with you...

You alternated between pushing lying down, squatting and in a hands and knees position until finally on March 9th at 5:12am your beautiful baby boy Viktor was born and placed onto your chest. He was 9lbs 2oz and 22 ½ inches long. After some suctioning due to some meconium in his lungs he nursed for the first time shortly after birth.

Congratulations L&T! You did amazing!

Edited to add that the midwife told the mom (after the birth) that because of her pushing stages long and demanding nature there would have been no way that she could have pushed that baby out if she had an epidural! Essentially natural birth protected this mom and baby from a c-section!

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