Adamina's Birth

These are birth notes from the last birth I attended from my perspective. The official birth story belongs to this family. I'm sure I left something out, as birth brings so many magical moments.

It was Thursday, November 19th and you called me at 2:00am to tell me you were in labor. Your contractions were 3 minutes apart and you'd been having contractions since 7:00pm. I get to your house shortly after and you are handling contractions beautifully. You are walking through them, leaning on me, swaying, and breathing softly. After timing your contractions at 2-3 minutes apart, the midwives suggest you come into the hospital. We arrive at the hospital at 4:00am. As we enter the elevator to go to L&D floor you are trembling a bit, which I remind you is a sign of transition! When you are admitted to triage you are already 7cm/100%. As we wait in triage you wanted to stand and walk, following your bodies urges to stay mobile. You brace yourself on me in a slow dancing position to stay loose during contractions. Once admitted into the birthing suite you mention back pain between contractions, both the midwife and I suspect that baby is Malpositioned. To encourage baby is move into a better position for birth, you lean over onto the bed while I apply counter pressure to your lower back to relieve the pain. You go from this position to a supported squat, allowing your pelvis to widen. During the contractions I notice that you start tapping one of your feet in the rhythm of your body, a sign of your inward focus that allowed you to distract your body from the contractions.

You only hesitate once when you say "I'm so tired..." and I remind you "You are so close to meeting your baby girl. This is like a marathon, and your in the last leg."

At 6:50am you are 8cm and you get into the tub while I use the shower head to alternate a warm stream of water from your belly to your lower back. The hydrotherapy worked wonders to calm and relax you during contractions. You stay in the tub until 8:3oam when you move to the bed. You are 9-10cm and the midwife asks you if you would like her to break your bag of waters, you agree and shortly after have the urge to push. You start pushing in a hands and knees position on the bed. After a few contractions, you try pushing in a sitting position on bed while doing a "Tug of War" with a towel supported by the nurse. This helps the perineum stay relaxed while your body is in an ideal alignment for maximum pushing effect.

At 10:46am baby Adamina is born and placed on your chest. She was 8lbs and 20 1/2 inches long and stayed skin to skin with you following the birth.

Congratulations Mama! You were so trusting of birth as you followed your body's innate urges to stay mobile, breathe deeply, and find a rhythm during labor.


  1. What a beautiful story! I am really starting to learn about midwifes (midwives?) and doulas and it's making me wish 1) I had looked into all this before I gave birth and 2) there were doulas and midwifes in my town.

  2. Thank you!

    Thats how I felt after the birth of my son, thats why I became a doula.

    Have you looked on the www.dona.org site to see if there are any doulas in your area? Even if they aren't in your city some near you may be willing to travel. Just a thought.


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