Mass Media Childbirth vs. The Real Thing

When you see birth displayed in the media it usually shows a women in unbearable amounts of pain, flailing about like she was dying, only to have her baby instantly upon arriving to the hospital. Far from the peaceful and sacred births I have witnessed!

Those "reality" shows like A Baby Story & Birth Day and others just make it worse by capitalizing on the drama. I can't even watch them anymore without wanting to scream at the television. In fact, I have started suggesting that my clients don't watch those shows at all! I believe that the Hypnobabies Instructors also suggest their students avoid any shows like that.

I came across this new film: Laboring under an Illusion Check out the trailer below! It will help people see difference between Mass media childbirth and the real thing!

I hope to get the DVD so I can show this to clients!

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