Time is money

I saw this car driving on a local interstate and I had to take a picture. It cracks me up.

What does this mean, exactly? The phrase "Time is money" seems almost like it belongs in a sales floor pep talk to car salesmen. The phrase definitely shouldn't belong in the Maternity ward. But here we, and the business of birthing babies is all about sales.

Here are some of the more common sales pitches we hear...

"Why wait? Have your baby now! The earlier the better, waiting to full term is just a suggestion these days!" (In normal circumstances babies come out when they are fully matured and ready)

"Big baby means early induction, don't want shoulder dystocia!" (Even though prenatal fetal measurements are almost always inaccurate and research shows that a "big baby" doesn't mean shoulder dystocia is going to occur. Research actually shows that interventions such as a induction can make you more prone for shoulder dystocia and 50% more likely to have a Cesarean)

"You want a VBAC? That's too risky, you should just schedule your c-section now, hun." (It's fear mongering. The risk to most moms for in uterine rupture during a VBAC is RARE. It's like we are telling women that their bodies don't work and they can't deliver the baby without medical interventions)

Some care providers are throwing around Inductions & Cesareans offering them up like shiny new cars. Moms get drawn into to the idea of holding that baby sooner, scheduling births so that they can schedule family flights accordingly, etc. all for the sake of convenience. And, care providers are selling the benefits, but what about ALL the risks to mom & baby?
Where is informed consent?

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  1. I was 33 when I gave birth at home to my 3rd baby who weighed 10 1/2 lbs. No, my blood sugar was fine. He was just big. My first was 6.5 lb induced baby and I was told I would need ceaseareans for any future kiddos. With peritoneal massage, I had zero tearing with my 3rd. 6 hours postpartum, after a very refreshing shower, I cooked the gathered family breakfast!


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