The new "natural" Caesarean

Below is a article from UK Times online. I think it is wonderful that doctors finally see the differences in the mother to baby bonding experience in a Cesarean, a leading midwife and author, Jenny Smith points out several ways to have a "natural" C-section if you must have one for medical reasons. She suggests:
  • Ask if the surgical team will play music and if your partner can take photographs.
  • Ask for an epidural dose that won't make your arms “heavy”.
  • Ask for the screen to be dropped so that you can see your baby being delivered.
  • You can ask to call the sex of your baby yourself.
  • Ask the midwife to pass your baby directly to you so that you can enjoy skin-to- skin bonding immediately.
  • Ask that the father may perform the second “cutting of the cord” while the baby is in your arms.

I would also add that I think its important to not wash the baby and to massage the white vernix covering into the skin. The purpose of the vernix in the womb was to protect the skin like a moisturizer. It can be massaged in just like lotion. It is not dirty and does not need to be removed. In the hospital, you can choose not to have the vernix removed, but you need to request this ahead of time. Also, the vernix contains familiar smells of the amniotic fluid which can be very soothing for a newborn baby.

With more babies being born by Cesarean section, a new movement is campaigning to make the event a more "natural" experience.

See full article at: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article6028478.ece


  1. I hated how I felt like I hadn't even just had a baby with my first c-section. I felt absolutely robbed of my childbirth experience. I think it is a wonderful thing that there are advocates for mothers who must have a cesarean...to make their childbirth experience a wonderful occasion to remember as well.

  2. this is an awesome post.

    i remember with kayla i felt so lost. then with carissa my doc was AWESOME! she wasn't my doc throughout the pregnancy, she delivered, but had carissa and i bond immediately afterward and then wrapped her up and gave her to serg to have cari/daddy time.

    this time with jonas it was the same thing... except that they wrapped him up sooner (but they didn't rub him down too much and serg spent hours holding him.

    even though i had my c-sections i felt that the bond that serg and i got to experience was priceless.

    the physicians in the office that i go to are very "as natural as we can give you" kind of office. it's soley women docs. very warm and welcoming. i loved it.

    now, if i had to do it all over again... i'd go natural. hee hee


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