It's hard to get off the soapbox sometimes...

I mailed in my check for my Doula training course in March, I am so excited! I have recently also become a member of DACO (Doula Association of Central Oklahoma) http://www.dacoinc.org/.

I am reading several books at the moment, taking notes, studying, trying to fill my mind with birth knowledge so that I may pass it on to pregnant women, and to be a advocate for women all over who want a better birthing experience.

We have alarmingly high Cesarean rates, we hold the 2nd highest infant mortality rates in the developed world, we lack informed consent when the"Its for the safety of the baby" Dr. based fear mongering exists to justify unnecessary interventions (I.E.: inducement, rupturing of membranes, unwarranted cesareans, the list goes on...)

I want to help educate women about their birth choices so that they don't fall victim to the system. This country's health system convinces it's pregnant women that they are sick, and the average pregnant woman is not sick! Birth is not a medical crisis!

Don't get me wrong, OB's play a very important role in delivering high risk babies, and for those situations they are skilled super surgeons trained to save lives.

I'm stepping down from my soapbox because I do want all women regardless of their birth choices to feel welcome on my blog and if you don't agree with my thoughts on birth and pregnancy, that's perfectly okay with me. :)

I want whatever is best for the the mother, regardless of her birth choices (a hospital birth vs. home birth, doctor vs. midwife, drug-free vs. epidural, vaginal vs. cesarean) I will treat her as I would anyone, with love and service in a non-judging environment.

As a woman and as a mom, I have strong opinions about these topics because I have been a first hand witness to the birth trauma and negative side effects of unnecessary birth intervention and of course I have my own personal beliefs (as we all do).

As a doula, however I have to remember it's not my place to judge the women's birth decisions, just to educate her about her birth choices and to serve her during birth/postpartum.

If you haven't seen this yet, please watch:

The Business of Being Born

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