Vaccine Court to Release Autism Ruling

Today after hearing from more than 180 lawyers collectively representing the 4,800 families with claims, the Vaccine Court Omnibus Autism Proceeding will issue a ruling about the following unanswered questions:

1. Does Thimerosal used in vaccines cause Autism?
2. Does the MMR vaccine cause autism?
3. Does the combination of Thimerosal-containing vaccines and the MMR vaccine cause autism?

According to CNN.com:

"Since 2001, thousands of parents with autistic children have filed petitions seeking compensation with Vaccine Injury Compensation Program at the Department of Health and Humans Services. By mid-2008, more than 5,300 cases were filed in the program — 5,000 of those await adjudication, according to the agency.”

I will be updating this post with the final ruling, once it’s released.

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