$50,000 Reward

Give this to your OB!

$50,000 Reward

The absence of science behind the safety of technological childbirth for the vast majority of women and babies allows me to make the following offer, which begins officially on December 25, 2005 (the publication date of the first e-book edition of Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, Vol. 1):

I, Jock Doubleday, will pay $50,000.00 (fifty thousand U.S. dollars) to the first person who sends me by email, and in its entirety, a controlled comparative study published in a recognized industry journal from any country, in any time period, demonstrating hospital birth to be safer in any category (i.e., infant morbidity, infant mortality, maternal morbidity, or maternal mortality) for most mothers or babies than home birth with a midwife in attendance. The term "midwife" does not include Certified Nurse Midwives, who, because of their conventional medical training, and in spite of their good intentions, may bring the fear-based medical model of childbirth with them into the home, thus skewing home birth outcomes toward the technological. The sample size of the study in question must be, at minimum, 2,000 persons, with a minimum of 1,000 persons in each of two matched groups. The groups must be matched, at minimum, by age, socioeconomic status, nutritional history, nutrition during pregnancy (including the ratio of raw to cooked foods), drug history (including pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, alcohol, and vaccines), drug use during pregnancy (including pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, alcohol, and vaccines), and partner
status. Any written claim to the $50,000.00 reward is also an agreement to pay
the 501(c)3 California nonprofit corporation, Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc.,
$100.00 (one hundred U.S. dollars), should the study attached to such claim be
found to be either 1) irrelevant to the offer or 2) methodologically or structurally flawed and thus invalid. This offer has no expiration date unless and until superseded by a similar offer of higher monetary compensation made by Jock Doubleday.

Contact: director@SpontaneousCreation.org

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  1. i wonder if anyone has attempted this? interesting.


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